Fantastic Reasons to Visit Singer Island

11 Fantastic Reasons to Visit Singer Island

Singer Island isn’t just a name—it’s an actual peninsula (not technically an island) located about fifteen minutes and six miles away from the city of West Palm Beach.

There have been many articles on this blog about Palm Beach County’s unique treasures, attractions, and culture, and Singer Island brings its own flavor and contributions to that vital experience.

Here, you’ll find eleven of the most intriguing, alluring, and vibrant reasons to move to, or just visit, Singer Island.

1. The Luxury Hotels

For such a small space, Singer Island boasts not one but two major luxury hotels. The Hilton Singer Island is, of course, part of the famed Hilton family of hotels, while the Marriott Singer Island Beach Resort and Spa serves as Marriott’s version of a lavish home-away-from-home.

Both locations are home to well-known luxurious restaurants. The Hilton operates the Ketch while the Marriott offers 3800 Ocean—and the latter in particular is the reigning queen of the island’s spa community. But that deserves an entry of its own.

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2. The Boutique Locations

Unsurprisingly, the island also is home to many non-chain, “boutique” type lodgings. These all differ in amenities and offerings depending on your interest and budget.

At least one major, independent resort option is available—the ever-popular Palm Beach Shores Resort & Vacation Villas.

The Sailfish Marina, while a bit more rustic, is still quite popular and comfortable. It offers its own mini-community with its own restaurant, a boat-chartering service, house and room rentals, and the famed Sunset Celebration, a gathering of local artists, musicians, and other creatives each Thursday evening.

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3. All The Restaurants

If you hate cooking, or merely want to experience someone else’s culinary creativity, Singer Island will not disappoint.

There are expensive five-star options, most of them affiliated with the major hotel chains, if you’re looking for something high-class and upscale. Perhaps the best way to get in touch with local culture is to frequent the smaller, independent establishments.

There is no shortage of options both in terms of cuisine and atmosphere in this category either. Gluten-free Mexican? They have that. And The Two Drunken Goats is so popular I considered putting it in its own entry.

Locals might say this has the best Mexican anywhere in southern Florida (or at least in the county). The Sailfish Marina is known for extremely tasty and fresh seafood (the boats take their catches straight to the kitchen). Agora Mediterranean Kitchen (technically located in West Palm Beach, however) will satisfy your Italian-inspired cravings, and those looking for a touch of NYC charm would do no better than the New York Bagel Café, which one Yelp reviewer called “Not New York, but not bad.”

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4. The MacArthur Park

This peninsula even has its own state park—indeed, the only state park in all of Palm Beach County! Established in 1989 by John D. MacArthur after discovering some of the ecological marvels in the locale, the park both works to preserve the island’s unique ecosystem and be an educational and refreshment space for locals and tourists.

The park has its own beach, one of four “natural communities” in the park (the others being the estuary, the maritime hammock, and the rock reef) that are comprised of naturally cohabiting plant and animal life.

The park is open year-round from 8am to sunset for an inexpensive fee and offers many amenities, including a gift shop, pavilions and grills for picnicking, and a large education center complete with research library and lab, along with programs for young and old alike.

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5. Beaches!

Florida means beaches, and Singer Island has almost too many to count. A total of seven miles of beach grace the area. Besides the one located within the MacArthur Park, there are many others, including a new one that was originally private but a local judge ruled now must be open to the public after a million-dollar investment by the county.

Some of these beaches are affiliated with local establishments, like that of the Palm Beach Shores hotel, while Ocean Reef Park, a large complex of outdoor-related attractions, is open to all. (More on that later.)

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6. Peanut Island Park

Close by to Singer Island and its city of Riviera Beach is Peanut Island Park, a wee (80-acre) attraction that may be the secret of Singer. Boating, fishing, and swimming are all very popular attractions for visitors.

The island is also known for a lovely walkway surrounding the perimeter that allows visitors to experience the waves, sun, and breeze all at once in a peaceful, winding path. There’s even an area for tents for those who want to stay overnight (sorry, no other lodging is available!).

A truly well-maintained paradise, the simplicity of Peanut Island may only be rivaled by its natural allure.

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7. The Spa Life

The crown jewel of spas on Singer is the elegant and luxurious Si Spa, operated by and located within the Marriott Singer Island Beach Resort and Spa. Rated one of the top 20 spas in the US for 2015 by Conde Nast, the spa features eight suites named after various world oceans and seas, each encapsulating a different emphasis and atmosphere.

Massages, Jacuzzis, facials, fine manicures, and treatments and amenities specifically designed for both male and female patrons make the Si a luxury escape to which many in the know gladly retreat. Services are by appointment only from 8am to 8pm, seven days a week. Membership is available for $1000 a year.

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8. Want to Rent a Powerboat?

Among its many other attractions, Singer Island is home to arguably the most well-stocked boat rental service in all of the county. (And really, with miles of glorious blue surrounding it, who wouldn’t want to rent a boat and get out there for themselves?)

The Blue Water Boat Rental stocks many different options in its fleet, from simple waverunners and jet skis to deck boats for sightseeing, to large party boats for cruises and celebrations.

Moreover, the company is very generous with its customers, offering monthly deals and discounts (for August, you can get 10% off half-or full-day rentals booked online with the code SUMMER10) and can even book a personal captain through Crew On Call. Private evening cruises are also available for boats of up to six passengers; call for rates.

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9. Ocean Reef Park

It’s a major beach. It’s a park. It’s an experience! This pet-friendly serene getaway is perfect for the jogger, the picnicker, the explorer, the learner, the one who just wants to relax in nature and sunshine.

The boardwalk leads to a well-preserved and enjoyable sightseeing of the natural dune ecosystem the park works hard to maintain. Municipally owned and operated by Riviera Beach (the town proper that encompasses much of Singer Island), the park offers many interesting amenities, including opportunities to observe schools of fish near the rocks and a small playground for children.

But more than a beach, the park is also, well, a park. Sizeable grassy areas with benches and walking trails are the perfect spot for reading or lunching. Additionally, note that parking is entirely free, which is rather rare for the region.

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10. Learn How to Scuba Dive

Pura Vida Divers is Singer Island’s own one-stop training center for scuba diving enthusiasts and newbies alike. You can get certified as a scuba diver through their well-qualified trainers, affiliated with the world’s largest scuba certifying agency.

If you’re already experienced, you can also enjoy different dives each day from various locations around the island, both chartered and private. Deep reef and beach diving are also popular options. It isn’t hard to see why, since Singer Island has been ranked as one of the fifty best dive sites in the world!

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11. And Get in Some Kayaking

There seems to be no shortage of options for water sports in Singer Island, and kayaking is no exception to that rule. Multiple venues offer competitive prices and amenities, like the MacArthur Park’s kayaks, as well as multiple privately-owned businesses.

Get Wet Watersports and the Singer Island Outdoor Center seem to be the most popular, with good rates and diverse options (including paddleboard rentals, guided tours, training, etc.). The fair weather and beautiful surroundings have made outdoor exploration a key experience for many tourists and residents, and capitalizing on it with a little kayaking is never a bad idea.

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South Florida seems full of surprises, offering unique and delightful cultural and communal experiences, from historical import to farmers’ markets to art museums. Humans are relentless and determined creators of culture, and this region is no exception. Singer Island may be a well-kept secret for Palm Beach residents, but it’s a secret that deserves to be shared—and enjoyed—by all.

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