Tour Frank McKinney’s Palm Beach Micro Mansion

Real Estate artist – Frank McKinney’s newest ultra-luxury creation is 4,000+ square feet of sea inspired ultra-modern design

Frank McKinney just unveiled his first Micro Mansion on the seaside setting of Ocean Ridge, Florida. This ultra-luxury, 4,087 square foot dream home illuminates with never before seen LED sea-glass kitchen countertops and splashes of azure, water, and glass seamlessly connecting it all. The master bedroom boasts 650 square feet of indulgence all on its own.

Ultra high-end two-story (3 bedroom, 3.5 bathrooms) of modern design, steps away from the Palm Beach ocean with well appointed, luxury amenities.

Listed at $3,430,000

  • LED-illuminated living reef aquarium
  • Two pools with floating sun deck in between
  • Outdoor ribbon fireplace
  • Simpler smart-home technology

Frank McKinney has become one of the most influential developers of ultra-luxury real estate. He’s known for building 10,000 square foot sprawling estates with ultra high-end finishes. In the days of inspiring minimalism, Frank has been asked to create something revolutionary, hence the birth of the “Micro Mansion”. He coined not only the phrase, but also the market as he once again creates a demand where there wasn’t one before. As a best selling author, Frank’s pioneering has inspired many other successful and aspiring entrepreneurs.  He has also taken his success and given it back to those less fortunate. Currently he is building homes in Haiti for those that would otherwise be living without a roof over their heads through his charity, the Caring House Project.

This self made philanthro-capitalist, pioneering entrepreneur, and visionary has left an inspired mark on the Palm Beach, Florida real estate market. Now, let’s find the “Buyer-Simpatico” for his Micro Mansion Masterpiece!

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