26 Fun and Healthy Activities to Do in West Palm Beach

26 Fun and Healthy Activities to do in West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach boasts high-quality schools, over 40 beaches, a thriving nightlife, top-notch restaurants, and a blossoming art culture. And to top it off, the community prides itself on the many ways it embraces a healthy lifestyle.

There is something for everyone at West Palm Beach: healthy restaurants, water activities, family activities, sports, dance leagues, martial arts, spas, and races. With the fantastic Florida weather and excitement-loving culture, West Palm Beach has many entertaining yet wholesome activities.

1. Field of Greens Restaurant

This restaurant has it all: “Many healthy vegan and gluten free options, fresh salads, sandwiches and wraps, cold-pressed juices, smoothies and protein shakes, and the best service in town!”

Who could ask for more? Enjoy friendly conversation while fueling your body with healthy food that’s fun and colorful!

Field of Greens Restaurant
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2. Kids Fitness Festival of the Palm Beaches

Do you have kids interested in sports? Are they competitive? Take them to the Kids Fitness Festival.

Sports clinics are available, local healthy lifestyle companies have booths, and local professional athletes make an appearance.

All proceeds benefit the Palm Beach County Sports Commission a non-profit organization that provides local youths the opportunity to learn sportsmanship, teamwork, and citizenship through sports.

3. Kids’ Surfing Lessons

Why live on the beach if you don’t enjoy water sports? There are numerous camps and opportunities in West Palm Beach for your children to take surfing lessons. Many of these camps not only teach surfing skills, but they also teach environmental awareness, confidence, and teamwork.

Kids’ Surfing Lessons

4. SiSpa at Palm Beach Marriott Singer Island Beach Resort and Spa

An award-winning seaside sanctuary, SiSpa has eight treatment rooms and 8,500 square feet of wellness and pampering inspired by the natural beauty and healing powers of the sea.

5. Sandpiper Bay

Located north of West Palm Beach, Sandpiper Bay is one of Club Med’s resorts. This resort has it all: beach and spa relaxation, tennis and golf, fitness classes, children’s sports, water parks, and numerous family activities.

Gourmet dining, cooking lessons, kids clubs, and dances are also part of the resort.

6. Skybike

Enjoy the city by renting bikes. It’s faster than walking everywhere and easier than trying to drive and find a parking spot.

Bikes are available 24/7 and are very inexpensive. There are even numerous biking guided tours available for individuals and for families.


7. The Salad Spot

Bright and colorful in both decorations and food, The Salad Spot is a family-owned and operated restaurant that promotes fresh ingredients and healthy eating.

There is gluten-free, organic, and raw diet options, and they also are willing to fill special dietary requests.

There are no binders, fillers, or preservatives in their food.

8. Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a very relaxing form of martial arts. It helps you relax, energize, and balance.

Many of the local libraries offer Tai Chi classes for free. However, there are also Tai Chi groups that practice on the beach.

Meet some new people while rejuvenating your mind and body.

Tai Chi

9. Fresh First

Fresh First has earned the title “Great Kitchen” from the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness.

Run by a mother and daughter, this restaurant caters to all lifestyles and body shapes. It serves organic, fresh, gluten-free, non-GMO, corn- and peanut-free foods. It has meat-based options or vegetarian and vegan options.

10. Golf

With over 160 public and private courses that exhibit the natural beauty of Florida, the Palm Beaches is world-known for golfing.

Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Lexi Thompson, and more use these courses to practice. Golf is a great relaxing sport to help keep you moderately active.


11. Fresh Element

Fresh Element is an Asian-inspired restaurant that focuses on using only high-quality fresh ingredients.

It offers dining in, take out, and delivery. The food is beautifully presented, healthy, and the full spectrum of the rainbow.

12. Yoga

West Palm Beach boasts many yoga classes. Bikram, Hot Yoga, Yin Yoga, Om Yoga, and many more types are available.

Classes are inexpensive, and there are even some free courses. You can almost always find a coupon on Groupon for yoga classes in West Palm Beach.


13. Commitment Day Festival and Fun Run

Commitment Day is “the end of the road for excuses. It’s time you start investing in yourself. Face it; you won’t do it tomorrow, do it today.”

An annual run in January, this 5K helps you commit yourself to your New Year’s resolutions in a fun and communal way.

14. Fit Kids Triathlon

An annual event, the Fit Kids Triathlon is the longest running “Youth Only” multisport event in Florida.

Swimming, biking, and running are included in the course, and it’s only $20 to register. There is free swag as well as healthy snacks and drinks for participants. One of the big sponsors of the event is the Palm Beach Children’s Hospital.

Fit Kids Triathlon

15. 360 Beauty, Health, and Wellness Salon and Spa

This spa is a luxury quality spa with competitive pricing. Group events are available, but you can also go to just have some self-care fun.

Not only is it a spa, but also a salon for hair. There are even medical spa treatments.

16. Zumba Classes

This Latin dance inspired aerobics class is still very popular in the West Palm Beach area.

Providing a fun workout, Zumba is a great way to socialize and also learn different Latin dances. Classes include the Merengue, salsa, hip-hop and more.

Zumba Classes

17. Toga Run

The introductory event for West Palm Beach’s Greek Food and Wine Fest, the Toga Run is a family fun 5K.

Contestants warm up dancing and are given prizes every mile. The race ends at the festival, where there are wine and food to purchases and try.

18. Beach Activities

With over 40 beaches, there are plenty of fun and healthy activities to do as a family. Spend a day in the sun and surf.

Swim, surf, wind sail, paddle board, boogie board, and splash in the ocean.

Beach Activities

Jog the beach or play beach volleyball.

Salute the sunrise with some yoga.

19. Nature’s Way Café

Another one of West Palm Beach’s top restaurants is Nature’s Way Café. Serving soups, salads, sandwiches, wraps, shakes, and smoothies, this restaurant uses only healthy ingredients.

The food and atmosphere are fun and bright, full of colors. It is a perfect place to have a lunch date or take that Instagram #foodporn photo!

20. Strength Classes

West Palm Beach also boasts many strength classes for adults. Bring your friends or your partners as you work on strengthening the different muscle groups on your body.

Find your fitness passion with BOSU ball workouts, body sculpting, mat Pilates, x-sports, and more.

Strength Classes

20. Palm Beach Dance Competition

Hosted by Showstoppers, this event in West Palm Beach is one of 50 competitions nationwide. Beyonce, Britney Spears, and others were involved in this competition before they found the limelight.

This competition is open to individuals and teams of all ages. Showstopper Dance Competition is known for “an unconditional love for movement in music, and an unbridled joy in elevating the performance of dance.”

21. Youth Athletic Leagues

The Parks and Recreation Department of West Palm Beach offers a wide variety of sports for youth. Basketball, soccer, football, baseball, and volleyball are offered in their respective seasons.

What sets West Palm Beach apart is that they also have sailing classes and leagues for the youth as well. If your kids aren’t necessarily into sports, Parks and Recreation also offers dance classes such as hip hop, ballet, and tap.

Youth Athletic Leagues

22. Free Workout Wednesdays on the Plaza

The last Wednesday of every month there is an hour long free fitness class open to everyone.

It takes place on the Plaza at CityPlaza and is sponsored by both Fitness Hub and LA Fitness. Zumba and yoga are common classes during these Wednesdays.

23. Skate Parks

There are a few different skate parks in West Palm Beach. Skateboarders, longboarders, and BMX bikers are welcome to come to the park as well.

To keep safety and precautions upfront, there are membership fees, but they are very reasonable. These skate parks also offer lessons for children age five and older.

Skate Parks

24. Healthy Habit Café

Everything at Healthy Habit Café uses only the freshest fruits and vegetables, and everything is made daily. The café has bright colors and an outdoor porch for families to use. The menu includes breakfast and lunch, and the Café also offers catering.

25. Biking and Hiking Routes

West Palm Beach has many trails and tours to help get your kids outside and do healthy activities as a family.

Rent some bikes and go on one of West Palm Beach’s numerous bike trails. Enjoy the nature around you with your family on a guided hiking tour.

Biking and Hiking Routes

26. Jupiter Outdoor Center

South Florida’s first choice for outdoor eco-adventure, the Jupiter Outdoor Center offers a wide variety of activities for youth, adults, and families. There is paddle boarding, kayaking, snorkeling, and more.

Surfing, water skiing, and bikes are also available to rent. Tours and lessons are given year-round. The Jupiter Outdoor Center even works with Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts for merit badge opportunities.

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